Something Special #2

Hey guys! I’m back! I you were wondering why was I out for so long, here’s my story:

In my subject, it was required for us to get an examination for MOS(Microsoft Office Specialist). I immediately thought of Excel, since Microsoft Excel was the office tool that I was most exposed to since I do my drawings there.

(The next few paragraphs were SLIGHTLY exaggerated)

But then, it struck me! I don’t actually know anything on Excel excepts for shape manipulation! How am I going to pass?! That is the time I packed my bags and journeyed to the Himalayas to improve my endurance and skill on Excel. I endured cold winter nights and fended off Snow Leopards as well as Wights for 45 days and 45 nights.

In my explorations in the Himalayas, I met a wildling girl named Emma. Emma accompanied me in my skills training and kept me warm for the night. I had a good time with her and I was motivated in my training.

After our heartfelt goodbyes, I left Emma and went back to my country to take the exam. After 50 minutes of examination, I got the results! Sadly, I failed the exam.

Nah….Just kidding. I passed it! but BARELY! I got 850 out of 1000! I almost shit my pants there. Anyways, here’s the fruit of my labor.

P.S. Ill post a completed work or a W.I.P of it next week. Sorry for the wait.











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