Excel Art #15

Here is a portrait of my friend. I kind of rushed it because I planned it to be my last post of the year. I guess I need to practice more on portraits. My next portrait would be a bit better than this one I suppose. Anyways, Happy New Year Everybody! Cheers!

Excel art number 15


Excel Art #14

Have a happy hot holidays everybody! I have got this image drawn up on paper since last year. I never had the time to put it up last year so I thought this year would be the right time to compensate my inactivity. Sorry if its a  bit sloppy and rough around the edges. I’m still not good at drawing the lower half of a body. lol. Anyways, I will put some W.I.P’s on my next work.


Excel art number 14

Excel Art #13

It’s been 5 months since my last post. I’m terribly sorry for that. So many things happened in these past months. My Hard drive gave up on me, school, and Dota2. I’ll complete the 12th excel art when I find the file (It got lost when my hard drive got corrupted T_T). I’ll probably post one or more works but it will take longer though because of school. I think the contours on the pumpkin head is a bit shallow. It was hard to put the candle light effect inside the shape.  I couldn’t find a decent tombstone design so I just put up what came in my head and just drew it. Anyway, here it is. My Halloween Post. 😀

Excel Art #13

Excel Art # 11

Finally! After a month of doing this I finally completed it! Just in time for my friends birthday! I had a little trouble with both their hairs though. It’s hard on Hayley because I don’t know which color I should put it. Hayley’s hair in this pic is a combination of red, red-orange, and yellow(bits of it). I just did some shading and applying lighter colors with transparency. My friend’s hair is pure black and It’s hard to display on how to put sheen on it. I just gave up and measured the right amount of transparency on it. The font is custom. Just google “riot font” and you’ll probably see it on the first link. 😀 I hope you guys like it and sorry for the long wait.

Excel art number 11

Excel Art # 10

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys have a jolly good day!

I started from scratch again because if I continue, I won’t have anything to post for Christmas. The character(Hayley) is the same though. I combined the idea of my uncompleted work and the Christmas special post I was planning. My original plan was to draw a new character for the Christmas special but I didn’t have enough time. I’ll try to draw her next year. lol. Anyways, here is my fan-made portrayal of Hayley Williams from Paramore. I’ll try to portrait her next year if I have time. :))

Comment if you would like to have the .xls file  (for whatever reasons) and I’ll post the file.

Excel art number 10


Excel Art # 9

Ahh…I finally did a portrait of someone (haha). Since its her birthday on Friday, I thought I’d make her something; and when we were in high school, I tried to do a sketch of her. It looked awesome, she said so too! Sadly, the only awesome part was the sculpt of head and her hair. When I tried to draw the face, I failed miserably. The second time I drew her was on paint, which also failed so I stopped it immediately.  So now, I thought I would draw her one more time,but this time on MS excel. I think I didn’t do much good here too because this is the extent of my powers. I’ll try and practice more so that I can Improve on making portraits. I had a hard time sculpting the head to my satisfaction. After wrist hurting action, I finally finished it.  I only used 3 colors in shading of the skin. 1 customized color (the skin color), dark red and black for skin tones. I just toggled its transparency for its colors to blend. I hope to make more of these.

Excel Art # 8

It’s finally done! This is my second attempt in creating my own characters and drawing them on excel. I didn’t put much effort on the backround though 😦 . The hands are too small or disproportional  in some of the characters because I’m really bad at drawing hands-_- . I hope to improve someday in incorporating my characters on excel. for now, this is all I can do. Some of the characters in this might also come up on my future works. There are over 1000 shapes in this work mainly because of the linen on the mummy’s clothes. The werewolf costume was inspired(well, copied) from the werewolves from Princess Resurrection. The bat just popped out of my head though. I think I might have done better if I had more time, but I’m cleaning  the tombs of our two grandparents for the coming of All Saints Day on the 1st of November. Well here it is guys.