Something Special #2

Hey guys! I’m back! I you were wondering why was I out for so long, here’s my story:

In my subject, it was required for us to get an examination for MOS(Microsoft Office Specialist). I immediately thought of Excel, since Microsoft Excel was the office tool that I was most exposed to since I do my drawings there.

(The next few paragraphs were SLIGHTLY exaggerated)

But then, it struck me! I don’t actually know anything on Excel excepts for shape manipulation! How am I going to pass?! That is the time I packed my bags and journeyed to the Himalayas to improve my endurance and skill on Excel. I endured cold winter nights and fended off Snow Leopards as well as Wights for 45 days and 45 nights.

In my explorations in the Himalayas, I met a wildling girl named Emma. Emma accompanied me in my skills training and kept me warm for the night. I had a good time with her and I was motivated in my training.

After our heartfelt goodbyes, I left Emma and went back to my country to take the exam. After 50 minutes of examination, I got the results! Sadly, I failed the exam.

Nah….Just kidding. I passed it! but BARELY! I got 850 out of 1000! I almost shit my pants there. Anyways, here’s the fruit of my labor.

P.S. Ill post a completed work or a W.I.P of it next week. Sorry for the wait.











Something Special

My friend asked me a favor to let him make an Blackberry application of my blog. I agreed because this blog helped me in my requirements, why not share the love? Back on to the topic, I’ll give a link to the application and you can download it for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly! It’s FREE! It’s also available in all Blackberry devices.

here’s the link:

And other news, I’ll post another W.I.P tomorrow because our midterm exams are beginning next week so I wont be able to make progress with my work. Cheers!

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013


ahhh. For my first post this year is a sloth having a vacation. For I will take leave and resume on March. 😦 . I will not be posting anything. Because it is the start of my college’s Midterm and Finals. I will be very busy and not have the time to draw anything. After this school years term. I will resume my regular schedule on my posts. Anyways, Happy New YearEveryone! Have a good one!


Excel Art (Indefinite Leave}

The No Post Cat

Hi guys! I didn’t make a new post this week and I also might not post on the week after. Because the new semester just started and I’m a bit busy so I can’t do anything for any art projects.  So, I just drew a simple cat, from Azumanga Daioh. You will see this cat every time that there are no new arts posted. For my next art I’m planning on drawing Paramore but I’m still deciding if I would make another portrait or just animate them. hmmm.