W.I.P (#EA12)

Guys! Sorry for the super late post! I failed to post it on Sunday because my computer had a breakdown! The PSU failed on me. I borrowed one from a friend and asked one for free from my generous aunt! Thankfully she agreed and I got a free PSU from her plus a hard drive! I’m not sure whether I can complete this by the end of the week because I’m afraid that the PSU will also fail me. So I need to limit my usage from 13 hours to….hmmmm….half? maybe? Anyways, here it is. It’s a bit sloppy since I had no practice for a long time.




W.I.P 3 (EA#11)

Her birthday is nearing! Will I finish it in time? I think I’m done with the the first face. I’m thinking whether to spruce it up more. The left eye is done, but I think it is too dark. I tried to fix it by darkening the right a bit more. What do you guys think?

I also finished the mouth. That part was the hardest for me because of the shading in the tongue and lips. It’s not perfect but that will do. The teeth was also hard because I need to choose the right set of colors to shade it perfectly. I put on orange accent 6 darker 25% and gray and heightened their transparency.  I’ll add more shading on the lips if it requires it.

I will soon start on the next face then add hair and then their clothes. My next post will be on the 1st day of March 2013. I hope she’ll like it. :))



W.I.P 2 (EA#11)

Here’s the 2nd Work in Progress of Excel Art 11. I posted this since I won’t post next week because of our Midterm exams. I already colored both faces and started to put on shades. The base color for the skin is R=254, G=245, and B=240(if that would help). The shades I put in there are just lowered versions of the base color and made transparent between 90-99%.

I drawn two versions of the hands. The first was a bit sloppy and it is just one shape. I planned that first because I thought it was easy and I would be able to use less shapes and because if the number of shapes exceed beyond 500, Excel will start to lag 😦 .

The second version is two parts so I could put the eyes on the face and not on the hand. It was easier because you can be sloppy and it will be covered by the object(hand). I drew the shadow of the hand on the face  so I can remember which exact place to put the hand back.

They are both still sloppy (and a bit scary) but don’t worry because the excess shading  will be covered by hair and clothes soon enough. I also started to draw the shapes of the body so I can get an idea of what to do after I completed the faces.  Even after I finish this early, I’ll post the completed version on the 1st day of March. I made this as a birthday present for my friend. I hope you guys can bare with me. 🙂

EA 11 WIP 2

W.I.P (EA#11)

I’m alive! Just to let guys know that I’m not slacking off, I started to make a draft for my next work. It’s a bit rough and I only started to make out the shape of the face. The one to the left took me about an hour or so just to perfect the shape of her face. The one on the left  was rushed and its not perfect yet. I’ll try to tweak it some more. The ones that look like cotton swabs are their heights. I did that to give me a perspective on their heights to make it as accurate as possible. The bending shapes are guidelines to the arms for the left one and the shoulder of the right. I’ll try to flesh the other parts out once I tweaked the shapes of their faces and colored them out. 🙂



W.I.P (EA#10)

Well, I’d made some kind of progress. I’m trying to animate the vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams. It’s still a bit rough and I don’t know what to do next but I’ll just draw what I like and polish it here and there. With this I’m also practicing drawing real eyes by just basing it from, well, real eyes . I chose Paramore because of the request of my friend. If you readers want to request something, just message me. I’ll try my best to comply with your request. It will probably take a long time before I finish this because of school though.


W.I.P (EA#8)

Since Halloween is  coming, I tried to make my 8 work to celebrate it. But ever since I started, I’m stuck on what or how I am going to complete this. I’m just making my own character designs as I go. With no basis, it is both easy and hard. Easy because you don’t need to have an exact copy of the characters you draw. Hard because it is hard to think of the designs (especially the backround). Hopefully, I’ll finish this before or at Halloween.

W.I.P (EA#7)

This is a W.I.P on my latest work, Renton and Eureka from Eureka 7. I didn’t have enough time since I’m reviewing for my final exams this semester. Also, it’s hard to draw the eyes so I kept on and on and on, just to make it accurately enough. I tried to finish up Renton first because he’s at the back. I completed Renton so that I will not have any problems in moving objects like eye depth and shading because of   other objects (Eureka) in front. I’ll post the completed work on Friday(hopefully). And guys, when I post anything on my blog, it’s usually on Friday or Sunday. Eureka SeveN