W.I.P 2 (EA#11)

Here’s the 2nd Work in Progress of Excel Art 11. I posted this since I won’t post next week because of our Midterm exams. I already colored both faces and started to put on shades. The base color for the skin is R=254, G=245, and B=240(if that would help). The shades I put in there are just lowered versions of the base color and made transparent between 90-99%.

I drawn two versions of the hands. The first was a bit sloppy and it is just one shape. I planned that first because I thought it was easy and I would be able to use less shapes and because if the number of shapes exceed beyond 500, Excel will start to lag 😦 .

The second version is two parts so I could put the eyes on the face and not on the hand. It was easier because you can be sloppy and it will be covered by the object(hand). I drew the shadow of the hand on the face  so I can remember which exact place to put the hand back.

They are both still sloppy (and a bit scary) but don’t worry because the excess shading  will be covered by hair and clothes soon enough. I also started to draw the shapes of the body so I can get an idea of what to do after I completed the faces.  Even after I finish this early, I’ll post the completed version on the 1st day of March. I made this as a birthday present for my friend. I hope you guys can bare with me. 🙂

EA 11 WIP 2


Something Special

My friend asked me a favor to let him make an Blackberry application of my blog. I agreed because this blog helped me in my requirements, why not share the love? Back on to the topic, I’ll give a link to the application and you can download it for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly! It’s FREE! It’s also available in all Blackberry devices.

here’s the link:


And other news, I’ll post another W.I.P tomorrow because our midterm exams are beginning next week so I wont be able to make progress with my work. Cheers!

W.I.P (EA#11)

I’m alive! Just to let guys know that I’m not slacking off, I started to make a draft for my next work. It’s a bit rough and I only started to make out the shape of the face. The one to the left took me about an hour or so just to perfect the shape of her face. The one on the left  was rushed and its not perfect yet. I’ll try to tweak it some more. The ones that look like cotton swabs are their heights. I did that to give me a perspective on their heights to make it as accurate as possible. The bending shapes are guidelines to the arms for the left one and the shoulder of the right. I’ll try to flesh the other parts out once I tweaked the shapes of their faces and colored them out. 🙂



Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013


ahhh. For my first post this year is a sloth having a vacation. For I will take leave and resume on March. 😦 . I will not be posting anything. Because it is the start of my college’s Midterm and Finals. I will be very busy and not have the time to draw anything. After this school years term. I will resume my regular schedule on my posts. Anyways, Happy New YearEveryone! Have a good one!


Excel Art (Indefinite Leave}

Excel Art # 10

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys have a jolly good day!

I started from scratch again because if I continue, I won’t have anything to post for Christmas. The character(Hayley) is the same though. I combined the idea of my uncompleted work and the Christmas special post I was planning. My original plan was to draw a new character for the Christmas special but I didn’t have enough time. I’ll try to draw her next year. lol. Anyways, here is my fan-made portrayal of Hayley Williams from Paramore. I’ll try to portrait her next year if I have time. :))

Comment if you would like to have the .xls file  (for whatever reasons) and I’ll post the file.

Excel art number 10


W.I.P (EA#10)

Well, I’d made some kind of progress. I’m trying to animate the vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams. It’s still a bit rough and I don’t know what to do next but I’ll just draw what I like and polish it here and there. With this I’m also practicing drawing real eyes by just basing it from, well, real eyes . I chose Paramore because of the request of my friend. If you readers want to request something, just message me. I’ll try my best to comply with your request. It will probably take a long time before I finish this because of school though.


The No Post Cat

Hi guys! I didn’t make a new post this week and I also might not post on the week after. Because the new semester just started and I’m a bit busy so I can’t do anything for any art projects.  So, I just drew a simple cat, from Azumanga Daioh. You will see this cat every time that there are no new arts posted. For my next art I’m planning on drawing Paramore but I’m still deciding if I would make another portrait or just animate them. hmmm.