Excel Art #14

Have a happy hot holidays everybody! I have got this image drawn up on paper since last year. I never had the time to put it up last year so I thought this year would be the right time to compensate my inactivity. Sorry if its a  bit sloppy and rough around the edges. I’m still not good at drawing the lower half of a body. lol. Anyways, I will put some W.I.P’s on my next work.


Excel art number 14


Excel Art # 7

I have finally completed it. This is Renton and Eureka from Eureka seven. I have always thought that this is an underrated show. Most of the people I know never heard of it. It had a good story that when I have time, I try to watch it again. I have read the manga and watched the movie of it and I am currently reading the sequel, Eureka Seven AO.  The soundtracks are also great and it jives with the scenes. Try to watch it sometimes if you haven’t already. I’m sure that it will also touch your heart like it did mine.
Going back to the post, it took me 3-5 hours to make. It has an insane  number 4631 shapes thanks to the stars that I made. I’m still practicing on color combinations and shade applications, but I’ll get used to it. I am thinking of whether I should keep the flat form or not. hmmmm.

W.I.P (EA#7)

This is a W.I.P on my latest work, Renton and Eureka from Eureka 7. I didn’t have enough time since I’m reviewing for my final exams this semester. Also, it’s hard to draw the eyes so I kept on and on and on, just to make it accurately enough. I tried to finish up Renton first because he’s at the back. I completed Renton so that I will not have any problems in moving objects like eye depth and shading because of   other objects (Eureka) in front. I’ll post the completed work on Friday(hopefully). And guys, when I post anything on my blog, it’s usually on Friday or Sunday. Eureka SeveN

Excel Art # 3

Hilda and Aoi

For my third work. I decided to draw Aoi Kunieda and Hildegarde from Beelzebub. I drew this because of my friends requesting me to draw them. I decided to not put any back round because I was getting bored >.< . This took 4-5 hours to make. This has 394 shapes containing free form, curves, and rectangles. I will be posting excel arts consecutively up until Excel Art # 6 because I already made Excel Arts 1-5 before I started this blog.