Excel Art #13

It’s been 5 months since my last post. I’m terribly sorry for that. So many things happened in these past months. My Hard drive gave up on me, school, and Dota2. I’ll complete the 12th excel art when I find the file (It got lost when my hard drive got corrupted T_T). I’ll probably post one or more works but it will take longer though because of school. I think the contours on the pumpkin head is a bit shallow. It was hard to put the candle light effect inside the shape.  I couldn’t find a decent tombstone design so I just put up what came in my head and just drew it. Anyway, here it is. My Halloween Post. 😀

Excel Art #13


Excel Art # 8

It’s finally done! This is my second attempt in creating my own characters and drawing them on excel. I didn’t put much effort on the backround though 😦 . The hands are too small or disproportional  in some of the characters because I’m really bad at drawing hands-_- . I hope to improve someday in incorporating my characters on excel. for now, this is all I can do. Some of the characters in this might also come up on my future works. There are over 1000 shapes in this work mainly because of the linen on the mummy’s clothes. The werewolf costume was inspired(well, copied) from the werewolves from Princess Resurrection. The bat just popped out of my head though. I think I might have done better if I had more time, but I’m cleaning  the tombs of our two grandparents for the coming of All Saints Day on the 1st of November. Well here it is guys.

W.I.P (EA#8)

Since Halloween is  coming, I tried to make my 8 work to celebrate it. But ever since I started, I’m stuck on what or how I am going to complete this. I’m just making my own character designs as I go. With no basis, it is both easy and hard. Easy because you don’t need to have an exact copy of the characters you draw. Hard because it is hard to think of the designs (especially the backround). Hopefully, I’ll finish this before or at Halloween.