W.I.P 3 (EA#11)

Her birthday is nearing! Will I finish it in time? I think I’m done with the the first face. I’m thinking whether to spruce it up more. The left eye is done, but I think it is too dark. I tried to fix it by darkening the right a bit more. What do you guys think?

I also finished the mouth. That part was the hardest for me because of the shading in the tongue and lips. It’s not perfect but that will do. The teeth was also hard because I need to choose the right set of colors to shade it perfectly. I put on orange accent 6 darker 25% and gray and heightened their transparency.  I’ll add more shading on the lips if it requires it.

I will soon start on the next face then add hair and then their clothes. My next post will be on the 1st day of March 2013. I hope she’ll like it. :))




Excel Art # 10

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys have a jolly good day!

I started from scratch again because if I continue, I won’t have anything to post for Christmas. The character(Hayley) is the same though. I combined the idea of my uncompleted work and the Christmas special post I was planning. My original plan was to draw a new character for the Christmas special but I didn’t have enough time. I’ll try to draw her next year. lol. Anyways, here is my fan-made portrayal of Hayley Williams from Paramore. I’ll try to portrait her next year if I have time. :))

Comment if you would like to have the .xls file  (for whatever reasons) and I’ll post the file.

Excel art number 10


W.I.P (EA#10)

Well, I’d made some kind of progress. I’m trying to animate the vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams. It’s still a bit rough and I don’t know what to do next but I’ll just draw what I like and polish it here and there. With this I’m also practicing drawing real eyes by just basing it from, well, real eyes . I chose Paramore because of the request of my friend. If you readers want to request something, just message me. I’ll try my best to comply with your request. It will probably take a long time before I finish this because of school though.