Excel Art #15

Here is a portrait of my friend. I kind of rushed it because I planned it to be my last post of the year. I guess I need to practice more on portraits. My next portrait would be a bit better than this one I suppose. Anyways, Happy New Year Everybody! Cheers!

Excel art number 15


Excel Art # 11

Finally! After a month of doing this I finally completed it! Just in time for my friends birthday! I had a little trouble with both their hairs though. It’s hard on Hayley because I don’t know which color I should put it. Hayley’s hair in this pic is a combination of red, red-orange, and yellow(bits of it). I just did some shading and applying lighter colors with transparency. My friend’s hair is pure black and It’s hard to display on how to put sheen on it. I just gave up and measured the right amount of transparency on it. The font is custom. Just google “riot font” and you’ll probably see it on the first link. 😀 I hope you guys like it and sorry for the long wait.

Excel art number 11

Excel Art # 9

Ahh…I finally did a portrait of someone (haha). Since its her birthday on Friday, I thought I’d make her something; and when we were in high school, I tried to do a sketch of her. It looked awesome, she said so too! Sadly, the only awesome part was the sculpt of head and her hair. When I tried to draw the face, I failed miserably. The second time I drew her was on paint, which also failed so I stopped it immediately.  So now, I thought I would draw her one more time,but this time on MS excel. I think I didn’t do much good here too because this is the extent of my powers. I’ll try and practice more so that I can Improve on making portraits. I had a hard time sculpting the head to my satisfaction. After wrist hurting action, I finally finished it.  I only used 3 colors in shading of the skin. 1 customized color (the skin color), dark red and black for skin tones. I just toggled its transparency for its colors to blend. I hope to make more of these.